Aluminium Seats

Aluminium seats have grown popular not only in Australia but also all over the world. With its superior durability and low-cost maintenance, public and private institutions alike are upgrading to this kind of seating to better deliver their services to their customers. One company in particular, Felton Industries, is the best when it comes to manufacturing and supplying Aluminium Seats.

At Felton Industries, they not only make sure that Aluminium Seats are customized according to the needs of their clients; customers are also assured that the materials used are of premium quality. The durable aluminium marine grade anodized surface used in Felton indusries’ aluminium seating solutions will not crack, rust, stain, rot or splinter and needs no painting. In fact, in Aluminium seats are used extensively in theme parks and recreational parks throughout Australia and throughout parkland and community areas as well as various similar venues across the globe.

Perhaps the most important advantage of Aluminium Seats is its low-cost maintenance. Aluminium is very reliable as it does not corrode and hence the best choice in comparison with other materials. In fact, the use of aluminium allows 50% to 70% weight savings in comparison with the use of steel. This means it lowers the cost of production and installation costs.

In addition, Aluminium Seats are very safe as it is essentially non-toxic. This enables the aluminium to be used without any harmful effects on the body. Also, companies won’t have a problem cleaning this kind of material. The smooth surface can be cleaned easily which is ideal for schools and other places that accommodate large groups of people everyday.



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